Pleated Dust Collection Cartridges

Product: Pleated Dust Collection Cartridges

Pleated Dust Collection Cartridges are made of 100 % polyester media with different coatings as per requirements. Pleated in different pleated depths & heights, spun bonded filter media offers surface filtration & due to surface filtration pleated bags offers very high throughputs & lower pressure drop across the filter compare to any convention tube type filter bags.

  • Filtration Area: High
  • Air to Cloth Ratio: High
  • High Efficiency
Technical Specifications:
  • Filtration Area up to 20 m2
  • PTFE Coating for Oil Removal
  • Stainless Steel Coating
Area of Application:

Steel & Power, Powder coating, Shot Blasting, Cement, Chemicals, Metals & Minerals, Paints & Pigments

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